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Special features available at Beit Sababa:

Room in Beit Sababa

*  Spacious, specially equipped rooms
Each of the 13 ground-floor rooms (with a total of 26 beds) is comfortably large and immaculately clean. Some rooms include kitchenettes. The entire facility is attractively furnished with new beds, chairs, and other articles suited to the needs of the residents.

* Dining room
Large and well lit, with comfortable corners for lounging or participating in activities. Residents have easy access to a shaded outdoor area, lined with trees and benches.

* Physiotherapy room
Fitted with state-of-the-art equipment for effective rehabilitation.

Professional staff
Beit Sababa’s professional medical and administrative staff are highly attentive to the needs of all residents and their families and provide expert care at all times:


  • Manager: Sharon Polon is a graduate of the Tel Aviv University program for nursing home management. Trained as a social worker, she is highly experienced in nursing home care and maintains a hands-on approach in her daily work with residents and their families.
  • Medical director: Dr. Robert Rosenberg, a gerontologist, leads the facility’s medical staff.
  • Head nurse: In charge of the entire 24-hour staff of licensed nurses and care workers.
  • Housekeeper: Responsible for the proper functioning of every aspect of the facility, maximizing the comfort and care of residents.
  • Physiotherapist: Expert in the use of all on-site equipment.
  • Occupational therapist: Provides both cognitive and sensory stimulation using state-of-art techniques.
  • Occupational trainer: An artist with expertise in several media provides both appropriate forms of enrichment and opportunities for pleasant socializing.
  • Professional dietician: Supervises the menu of each resident, in accordance with their individual medical needs. All food preparation is under kosher supervision.

Other Services for Residents:
* Dental care
* Cosmetic care
* Hairdressing
* Massage
* Reflexology

Day Care
Beit Sababa's day care program is designed for physically and/or mentally impaired elderly people who live at home but require stimulating and supportive care during the day. In the supportive, warm atmosphere of Beit Sababa, these people have easy access to a number of professional services, including occupational therapy, physiotherapy, social work, and nutritional guidance. Hot lunches are served daily. The “part-timers” also enjoy the regularly scheduled therapeutic and cultural activities - arts and crafts, music, pet therapy, entertaining quizzes and discussions, physical exercise, and day trips.

Short-stay Rehabilitative Care
Beit Sababa also offers an opportunity for full-time but short stays, intended for rehabilitation following surgery.

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