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About Beit Sababa, a Jerusalem Nursing Home at Kibbutz Ramat Rachel

Beit Sababa is a unique nursing facility providing residents with warm and professional care in a beautiful, pastoral environment.
The facility is managed and maintained by Kibbutz Ramat Rachel. Its residents enjoy all the benefits of a kibbutz location - sprawling lawns and colorful gardens, an atmosphere of tranquility, and a supportive, caring community. Residents have the added bonus of regular activities led by kibbutz members, a weekly Sabbath-welcoming ceremony, and special holiday programs.
The Beit Sababa staff believes in empowering its residents to achieve maximum independence, while caring for them with respect and attending to their individual needs at all times. Its top priority is the wellbeing and quality of life of each of its elderly residents.

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Phone  02-6702999

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Sunday to Thursdays   8am to 6pm

Beit Sababa
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