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Eyal Yoel z"l was killed in Jenin on the 9th of April, 2002, while on reserve duty during operation “Defensive Shield”. His unit had been called up to emergency reserve duty and although Eyal did not agree with the Government’s policy, he chose to take part alongside his soldiers in the missions given to them. Eyal was killed by an explosion while trying to reach his comrades who had been injured in an ambush. His soldiers described him as a caring, dedicated, modest and strict officer who took care of their every need and was concerned above all with getting them back home safely.

Eyal’s death, at age 28, left the family – his wife Lilach, his parents Yechiel and Manya, his brothers Uri, Ilan, Haggai and Nir, his sister, Nurit, and indeed, all his friends and family - stunned and grieving.
“In every flock of birds there is one who flies ahead of the group. The entire flock takes the lead from this one. Such a leader was Eyal, the department’s outstanding student.”
These were the words Eyal’s friends from the Department of Chemical Engineering at the Ben Gurion University used to describe him.
Eyal's family decided to commemorate him in several different ways. Kibbutz Ramat Rachel, where Eyal was born and raised, established an animal farm, named after Eyal, who loved animals.
Eyal’s Farm – a Center for Nature and Environmental Studies specializing in therapeutic treatment, offers various programs, such as activities relating to nature and the environment for kindergartens and schools (including children from special education programs), joint educational activities for Jewish and Arab children from the region, enables feeding stations for local and migrating birds, initiates projects of nature conservation, recycling, and environmental concerns.
Eyal’s Farm is open to the public.
In addition to the above, a fund has been established in Eyal's name at Ben Gurion University where he studied, to further ecological research, the field in which he hoped to continue his own research.
In order to realize and maintain the above projects, the family established a not for profit fund, the Eyal Yoel Fund. All contributions will be gratefully accepted; for details regarding donations please call Haggai Yoel at 02-6702930 or 050-6323804. 
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