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Our activities are unique in offering visitors hands-on experience with the care of animals and plants and the overall maintenance of a farm. They learn about and use different tools, and they become acquainted with the animals and their habits in their natural settings on the farm. The visitors become an integral part of the farm and its activities.

Classes and Activities 
* Animal-assisted psychotherapy 
* Family workshops 
* Summer camp 
* Annual program for preschools and grade schools
* The Young Explorers Corner
* Very Special Birthday Celebrations

Animal-assisted Emotional Treatment

Animal-assisted Psychotherapy
This therapy is recommended for children, teenagers, and adults with various types of difficulties or disabilities. The farm's pleasant, pastoral atmosphere offers ideal conditions for therapy; it reduces initial resistance and allows caregivers to establish a more sensitive, secure, and accepting relationship with the people they are assisting.

The special feature of the therapy is the effect animals have in easing the relationship between the caregiver and the person treated. It allows the two to communicate on an emotional level and is a means of reaching the inner world of troubled or disabled people. Hands-on contact with animals encourages and facilitates self-expression. The animals, as mediators, enable people to reveal their emotions without feeling threatened and to project their inner thoughts by way of the particular animals they choose.

Hagai Yoel, director of Eyal's Farm, is trained in animal-assisted therapies, a graduate of the David Yellin program for animal-assisted psychotherapy. He can be contacted for more information about the therapy. (Tel. 02-6702930, 050-6323804).

For information about IAAAP, the Israeli Association of Animal-Assisted  Psychotherapy...

Family Workshops

Family Workshops
A personalized visit to the farm and surrounding area for the whole family. Weekend visits can be arranged in advance for Ramat Rachel Hotel guests and others. Activities include a tour of the nearby archeological site and specially arranged activity at the farm itself. We end the visit by preparing pita bread together on an outdoor oven and enjoying them with delicious tea made with herbs from the farm's garden.
Duration of activities: 2-3 hours
Cost: NIS 400 per family (4-6 persons)
For registration and further information, call Eyal Farm: 02-6702930
Suggested workshops:
• Mud sculptures: We'll learn about different types of soil and use them for creative construction.
• Recycled paper: We'll learn how to recycle used paper.
• Compost making: We'll see how compost is made on the farm and how it can be done in your backyard as well.
• Tour and nature lookout: We'll tour the farm and the surrounding area, exploring the flora and fauna along the way.

Annual Program for Preschool and Elementary School

Annual Program for Preschool and Elementary School Classes (mainstream and special education): 
A weekly program in which children become acquainted with and help care for animals, tend the garden, go on nature hikes, and more. Preserving nature is at the heart of every activity, and the seasons and holidays are special themes. At Eyal's Farm, children get the unique opportunity to take part in the daily operation of a real farm, experience using a variety of farm tools, and actively care for the resident animals. Activities are held year-round, inside a heated wood chalet when the weather turns cold and rainy.

Special Birthday Celebrations

Special Birthday Celebrations (for kids who want a unique celebration: 
The party begins with a tour of the farm and surrounding area, including games and fun challenges, and ends at the taboon, where guests bake pitas and sip fragrant tea made with herbs grown right on the farm. We supply the serving utensils, and you bring the goodies and cake. A 2-3 hour activity. Cost: NIS 850. Can be scheduled for weekday afternoons, Fridays, or Saturdays. Happy Birthday!

Young Explorers Corner

The Young Explorers Corner, where the hidden world becomes visible: This section of the farm gives all visitors, preschoolers and beyond, a glimpse of life that is invisible to the naked eye. High school students can conduct out their biotope projects here. Among the equipment available for use is a microscope with a computer screen connection. We planned this corner as another expression of Eyal's interest in research devoted to preserving the environment.

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