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Flamenco, Movement & Dance
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Flamenco for children

The Remangar Center for Flamenco, Movement, and Dance

Kibbutz Ramat Rachel, Jerusalem


The center offers classes in several styles of dance and movement for children (from the age of 4), teenagers, and adults. Its new, state-of-the-art studio is air-conditioned and furnished with European-standard wood flooring. Parking is convenient and free.



Instructors: Keren and Avner Pesach

For children (from the age of 6), teenagers, and adults

Children: Stability, coordination, rhythmic sense, development of self-confidence and technique

Teenagers and adults: Classes at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Leg and body technique, choreography.


Guitar and Compás (Flamenco-style singing) Lessons

Technique, harmony, accompaniment to song and dance, development of musical and rhythmic sense

Instructor: Avner Pesach.


Jazz and Hip-hop

Instructor: Rotem Blum, graduate of dance academies in Jerusalem and France, and Maya Talmor

For children and teens between 2nd and 12th grade.

Emphasis on technique, body strength and speed of movement, flexibility, coordination, and rhythm.


Movement and Classical Ballet for Children and Teens

In cooperation with Daniel Fedali's school.



Avner Pesach, a graduate of the Dror Raz Israeli Center for Pilates, leads both floor and equipment-based exercises. Avner has participated in training workshops in Israel and abroad and is certified as an instructor of Power Pilates (mat b), a more energetic form that is graded at various levels of difficulty. The classes make use of a range of equipment, such as Fitballs, bands, and magic rings. The small groups of up to 10 participants allow ample time for individual training. Pilates strengthens the torso, lower back, and abdominal muscles. It also flexes the spine and limbers the entire body.

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