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-- The performance ENTREDOS


--The Remangar Professional School of Flamenco, with branches in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem


--The Remangar Flamenco Dance Company, a professional troupe based in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem that performs throughout Israel


--Keren and Avner Pesach

Remangar, Flamenco at Ramat Rachel

Dance Studio in Jerusalem

The Remangar Professional School of Flamenco, in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem (Kibbutz Ramat Rachel)


"Remangar" is a Spanish word with special meaning in the world of Flamenco. It expresses that moment of quiet tension, just before a Flamenco dancer's sudden and powerful burst of kinetic energy. 


The Remangar Professional School of Flamenco was created by the dance couple, Keren and Avner Pesach, following ten years of Flamenco study in Spain. Keren and Avner were trained by, and appeared alongside, the famous gypsy family of performers, Los Farrucos. They brought with them to Israel the style of Flamenco Puro—pure Flamenco. Their studio offers classes in every aspect of the art—Flamenco dance, voice, guitar, compás, and cajon drumming. The lessons are accompanied by guitar and song, since Flamenco singing is an inseparable part of the dance. Classes are available at all levels—for children, teens, and adults.


Weekly schedule:

Jerusalem - Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays

Tel Aviv - Wednesdays and Fridays


The Flamenco lessons work on leg-strengthening and body movement techniques, and each level centers around a different type of choreography:

Beginner's level: Bulerias, Tangos

Intermediate level: Solea, Solea Por Bulerias, Alegrias, Seguirillas
Advanced level: Taranto

The Remangar Flamenco Dance Company

Artistic Direction and Choreography: Keren and Avner Pesach


The Remangar Flamenco Dance Company was created in 2006 by the artistic-dance team of Keren and Avner Pesach, following their ten-year period of study in Spain and international stage success. Since its establishment, the company has been located at Kibbutz Ramat Rachel. "Remangar" is a Spanish word with special meaning in the world of Flamenco.  


The choreography developed by Keren and Avner integrates the extensive knowledge and experience they gained during their years in Spain. They studied and worked intimately with the Farruco family of gypsies from Seville, whose members are considered the world's most important perpetuators of the Flamenco Puro style - the Farruqero, developed by the family's ancestors and faithfully preserved by generations of dancers.


Remangar is composed of two lead dancers, Keren and Avner, six other professional dancers, and a troupe of singers and guitarists. Some of the performances feature artists from Israel and Spain who are top-ranked worldwide in the art of Flamenco dance.


In February 2008, the world premier of "Remanger Israel-Spain" was staged in Israel, with choreography by Keren and Aver Pesach and participation by international renowned Flamenco artists from Spain. The sold-out performances drew rave reviews.

Keren Pesach, La Hachara

 A native of Ra'anana, Israel, Keren launched her dance career at age ten at the Zohar Studio of Dance. Two years later, her teacher, Ruthie Arnstein Barnea, introduced her to the world of Flamenco. Until leaving for her period of study in Spain, Keren performed in Barnea's company, occasionally appearing as soloist. During her military service in Israel, Keren appeared regularly at the Tsavta club in Tel Aviv, and at age 18 she placed third in the Adi Agmon Competition. Following her discharge from the I.D.F. in 1996, Keren traveled to Madrid, where she studied for a year at the Amor De Dios Academy with leading teachers of Flamenco, among them Paco Romera, Belen Fernandes, Belen Maya, Ciro, and Maria Magdalena.

Avner Pesach

Avner Pesach-Bachar

Born in Jerusalem, Avner became acquainted with the world of music at age 13, when he began to study classical guitar with Yehuda Granat. At the age of 20, Avner developed an interest in Flamenco music, and he began to study Flamenco guitar with Yehoshua Goldman. After three years of intensive study, Avner suffered a hand injury and switched from guitar-playing to dancing. He studied Flamenco dance for a year with Michaela Harrari and in 1996 traveled to Madrid, where he studied another year with the finest instructors of the Amor De Dios Academy.

Keren & Avner  

At the time, they were both studying in Madrid, Keren and Avner met and became a couple, and since then their paths have been one. In 1997, Keren and Avner decided to go south, to Jerez De La Frontera, where they studied Flamenco song, song-accompanied dance, and the styles of Maria Bermudes, Ana Maria Lopez and others. They once again headed south the following year, this time to Seville, to fulfill their dream—studying Flamenco with the Farruco family. After a year of intensive study at the family-run academy, Keren and Avner were invited to Israel to participate in the International Guitar Festival, for which they staged two performances that included prominent Sevillian artists, among them the head of the Farruco family, Juan Fernandes ("El Moreno")—one at Tel Aviv's Einav Center and the other at the Gerard Behar Theater in Jerusalem.


Shortly after the couple returned to Spain in 2001, Juan Fernandes passed away, and his family mourned according to traditional gypsy tradition. For the next two years, Keren served as director of the academy and substitute teacher for her own mentor, La Farruca. During that period, Keren and Avner performed throughout Europe and led workshops in Lisbon, Athens, Milan, Switzerland, and other locations.


Keren and Avner's greatest wish as dancers came true in 2003, when they joined Farruquito's company—Keren as a dancer and Avner as stage director of "Alma Vieja." Starring in the production were members of the Farruco family, Keren Pesach (La Hachara), and Adela Manuel Molina. It was performed Spain and around the world over the next two years to great critical acclaim.


In October 2005, Keren and Avner became the proud parents of a son, Yarden Juan Pesach, and they decided to return home to Israel. They arrived the following June, settling on Kibbutz Ramat Rachel. Today, they manage the school for Flamenco that they founded, with branches in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, for the professional training of dancers.

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