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Elements of the Curriculum 

  • Daily schedule suited to the age of the children in each group
  • Timetable for regular weekly activities
  • Special content for holidays, seasons, and various educational topics throughout the year
  • Nutritious, vegetarian healthy meals and snacks, prepared on the premises by a qualified cook
  • Enrichment activities for infants and toddlers (movement, music and monthly meetings with animals).


Group Structure
The center comprises 3 different age groups and as the children's developmental needs change, so do the elements of their surroundings. Each class has its own playarea.   

Group levels
·        Childcare Yasmin: babies and toddlers from one to two years in age (born in 2011)
·        Preschool Cinnamon: toddlers from two to three years in age (born in 20010)
·        Kindergarden Hadas: children from three to four years in age, in conjunction with the Jerusalem Municipality (born in 2009)

The Staff
The Center's professional staff are loving and caring. They provide the children with a wide range of educational and fun developmentally appropriate activities. The staff are supported by an educational counsellor.

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