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About the Learning Center
For over five years, Ramat Rachel’s multi-disciplinary Learning and Treatment Center has been meeting the emotional, educational, communicatory, and motor-related needs of children, teenagers, and adults. Its approaches include emotion therapy, didactic and psycho-didactic assessment, courses, tutoring, remedial teaching, and occupational and speech therapy.


The Multi-disciplinary Approach
By providing a range of treatment services under one roof, the Learning Center is a meeting place for professionals with different perspectives and areas of expertise. Its greatest advantage is the holistic approach it takes in assessing and treating developmental difficulties. The center designs a personalized learning plan for each child, with clear, obtainable goals and objectives. Parents are full partners to the treatment process and are given practical guidance for providing continued support at home.

Para-medical Treatment
The Learning Center has contractual arrangements with Israel’s health care funds for the provision of speech therapy and occupational therapy by qualified and experienced clinicians. Contact information

The center is located on the grounds of Kibbutz Ramat Rachel, in a pastoral, welcoming environment. Parking is free and convenient.

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