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Treatment and Activities
Emotional therapy‎, Couples counseling, Parental counseling, Exams anxiety treatment, Movement treatment, Didactic and psycho-didactic assessment, Remedial teaching and tutoring, Bagrut preparation, Personal coaching, Para-medical treatment (occupational therapy, speech therapy)‎, Skills-building workshops (social skills, motor skills, organizational skills, writing)‎, Preparation for first grade‎, Computer courses (for children and adults)‎.

Detailed information about some of the center’s activities:‎

Psychological Treatment

The treatment provided at the center helps children cope with changes and transitions in ‎their lives - instigated by failure, separation, or loss, for example. It is also effective at ‎ameliorating other forms of distress, such as phobias, tension, depression, social anxiety, ‎problematic relationships with close family members or partners, or behavioral problems ‎at home, school or preschool. Psychological counseling in these sorts of situations has ‎proven to be a highly effective form of treatment. The center pairs each child with a ‎qualified educational or clinical psychologist who has expertise in treating the problem at ‎hand.‎

Didactic and Psycho-didactic Assessment

This comprehensive approach combines psychological assessment of the child’s ‎intellectual abilities and emotional strength with didactic assessment of functioning ‎required for the acquirement of reading, writing, and arithmetic skills (language, ‎memory, comprehension, planning and organizations, etc.). The qualified diagnosticians ‎prepare reports detailing the tests administered, the results, and their recommendations ‎for intervention, if needed. The reports also note any need for special considerations for ‎test-taking, such as extra time or oral presentation of questions, which allow students to ‎demonstrate their full potential. ‎

Speech Therapy

The center’s speech and language clinicians diagnose and treat a range of communication ‎disorders that relate to speech production and comprehension and to the practical use of ‎oral and written language. The treatment helps children understand what is taking place ‎around them and the messages directed toward them; it improves their ability to express ‎their needs, thoughts, and experiences in effective and age-appropriate ways; and it ‎strengthens the basic skills needed for reading and writing. The earlier that ‎communication problems are diagnosed and treated, the greater the child’s chances of ‎keeping pace with school-related tasks. A special treatment program is designed to meet ‎the particular needs of each child, and the sessions are conducted in a pleasant manner ‎through the use of enjoyable but effective games and activities.‎

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is a rehabilitative-educational form of treatment that helps people ‎function at an optimal level in their daily lives. For children, the therapy instills self-‎confidence and helps them integrate successfully in environments that match their age ‎levels. The tools and skills it provides for children and their families are the key to ‎success in everyday activities--at school, at play, and in other social situations. The ‎techniques develop motor functioning, independence in daily activities, and social skills. ‎They also improve sensory control and address a number of other needs relevant to each ‎child.‎

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