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Enrichment Activities available at Ramat Rachel for children


Rhythm drives the dynamics of a musical ensemble. Instructor: Gadi ‎Sheinfeld, a professional drummer with 20 years’ experience performing and recording, ‎and 17 years’ experience teaching. Gadi, who is a graduate of PIT MI in London and ‎earned a British NVQ degree, plays and teaches a variety of styles, among them jazz, ‎rock, progressive, and Latin).‎


Instructor: Ela Wilhelm, a vocalist and musician, graduate of the Jerusalem Academic of ‎Music. Ela teaches different approaches to singing pop music.‎


Instructor: Larisa Feldman, a graduate of the Music Academy in the Ukraine. Larisa has ‎decades of experience teaching both classical and contemporary music at all levels. For ‎young children, she uses a colored-key system to introduce them enjoyably into the world of ‎music. The school year ends with a gala recital.‎


Instructor: Naama Ramot, a highly experienced teacher and lecturer in musicology at ‎Hebrew University. Naama uses a quick and easy method to teach her students how to ‎accompany song. She encourages creativity and fosters a love for music as she teaches ‎notes and chords in a manner suited to each student’s interests and abilities.‎

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