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Special Benefits
In addition, special benefits are available to various Kupot Holim schemes. Please contact the Spa for further details.


Treatments Available



Classic Swedish Massage
A full-body massage, with oil, that eases tension and promotes relaxation.
Aromatherapeutic Massage
A full-body massage using aromatic oils personally matched to the customer.
Deep Tissue Massage
An oil-based deep massage that relaxes and revitalizes muscles.
Medical Massage
A targeted massage that treats a variety of painful symptoms.
Massage for Pregnant Women
A massage that relieves strain on the lower back and legs, and relaxes and refreshes the mother-to-be.
Sportsperson's Massage
A unique massage to release the muscle tension of sports-active people.
Combined Massage
Treatment that combines massage and reflexology to balance body and mind.
Indian massage that includes warmed sesame oil drizzled on the forehead (location of the "third eye").
Hot Stone Massage
A relaxing massage that also invigorates the body and soul through the use of heated basalt stones and oil.
Therapeutic pressure and massage of the feet.
Traditional Thai Massage
Performed on a mat while the recipient is lightly clothed, this massage uses stretching motions and pressure points that resemble those of yoga.
Performed on a mat while the recipient is lightly clothed, this massage runs along the body's energy paths.

Body Treatments

Body Treatments

Mud Wrap 
Using Dead Sea mud, this wrap relaxes and revitalizes, easing muscle and joint pain.
Energizing massage using Dead Sea minerals; revitalizes the skin by removing dead cells.

Special Treatments

Special Treatments

Hopi Candle

Treatment for ear ailments, including infection, wax build-up, and ringing.

Chinese Medicine

Treatment based on ancient Chinese techniques such as acupuncture and medicinal herbs and minerals.

Clinical Dietary Counseling

Lose weight, assisted by professional guidance and monitoring.



A school of healing that uses manipulation to treat bone and muscle problems.

Facial and Other Treatments

Facial and Other Treatments

Basic Facial Treatment

Pampering treatment that includes basic cleansing, steam, massage, and face-mask.

Rejuvenating Facial Treatment

Includes exfoliation, cleansing, and nourishing face-mask.

Facial with Natural Extracts

A unique facial using Yonka-Paris plant extracts and oils.


Other Treatments

Manicure, pedicure (cosmetic or medical), waxing, eyebrow and eyelash tinting.

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